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Be our guest and leave a review! In each tent we have a hand-painded bible where we ask that guests highlight their favorite verse(s), leave us feedback and give our future guests tips and encouragement. You're welcome to leave us feedback on social media as well, or email us your detailed feedback so we can continue to make our experiences the BEST possible for our guests! Below you'll find some of the detailed reviews from our amazing guests. 

"One Word... PERFECT!" — 8/27/2021 Mother-Daughter Surprise Getaway @ Van De Graff

I want to thank you for creating a perfect overnight getaway for our us. Literally every single detail was fun and exciting and glamorous! Working with you was so easy and I truly felt like you were wanting us to have a magical time. The tent was so elegant and well appointed. The beds and linens were super comfy and we all LOVED the pillows! The small bedside misting fans were AMAZING! Having some games for both inside and outside was a great way to give us something to do and we had fun playing with those.


We sat by the fire and talked then we made those delicious gourmet s'mores. Let me tell you, those marshmallows were so soft and fresh... from this point forward in my life I will begrudgingly eat those grocery store JetPuffed marshmallows while reminiscing about those amazing marshmallows we had by the campfire. Mom and I woke up early and found a swing by the lake. We sat there and watched the sun come up. The fish were jumping out of the water to catch their morning meal. Then we walked across the old iron bridge and through some of the trails to the backside of the lake. For breakfast we enjoyed the campfire coffee and ate cookies for breakfast... and Mom didn't even get onto us for eating sweets for breakfast.


The campsite was perfect! Easy to get to, right by the water, secluded so there was plenty of privacy, and the Park Ranger was very nice. He even complimented your generator and said it was the quietest one he's ever heard. The air conditioner was definitely appreciated! The coffee was delicious and super easy to make. You literally did all the work so we could have all the fun and we are so very appreciative of the wonderful experience you created for us. 


They say you need to hit all the senses for something to be truly memorable... you checked all the boxes. 

Sight - the campsite by the water, beautifully decorated interior, outdoor lighting, watching the sunrise

Touch - the bedding and pillows were so soft and inviting, the cool morning breeze coming across the water

Smell - the campfire and coffee

Taste - have I mentioned the s'mores yet, lol

Sound - crickets, frogs, and my favorite - hearing everyone laugh and have fun  


For this to have been an overnight adventure I am amazed at how much we experienced. On arrival it was fun and exciting - a new experience none of us have had before. It was like our family trips we would take as kids - who got which bed, who would win when we played together, deciding what to eat (that is always fun, lol).


As the daylight gradually faded, the outdoor lights came on and the fire was started, it literally transformed into a whole different experience. The whole mood went from exciting adventure to cozy and relaxed. We sat around the campfire, talking, laughing, catching up. It was like a grown-up slumber party. Then morning came and the new day brought peace and contentment and just an overall refreshing feeling. Sitting by the lake, watching the sun slowing rise, soft breeze rustling through the trees and meeting your face. It was like taking a deep breath and just cleansing your soul, letting go of all the stress and worry.


We sat around after our walk and saw a mother deer and her two fawns. How perfect was that? On our mother daughter weekend, we saw this mother tending to her children. Protecting them, nurturing them, and teaching them, just like our family.


The weather was perfect and it was so good to just take some time to slow down and soak up all the amazing things God has created. It was a chance to spend time with family and show them love. These are all things we often take for granted and look over because we get so busy with life. We wear hats as moms, grandmothers, sisters, daughters, aunts, spouses, employees, and so many other roles that we drown under the weight of doing things for others and leaving ourselves last on the list.


Like so many others, our family has had alot of major life events in the last year - new babies, kids leaving the nest (then returning), leaving old jobs, starting new jobs, divorce, new relationships, sickness, and separation from those we love. I am truly blessed to call these amazing women my mom and sisters and I wanted to give them a small reprieve from the daily stress. I can't make all their worries and troubles go away but I could offer them a quick "break" from the day to day.


I wanted a way to make them feel as loved and appreciated as they make others feel. I truly feel like they were able to relax and enjoy themselves for one night. I am really bad about not saying it as much as I should but I hope they know how much I love them and that I am cheering them on in everything they do. This weekend was a blessing that will continue on with us for years to come as a cherished memory. 


Thank you again Heather for the amazing experience. There truly aren't enough words to describe what an amazing experience you blessed us with. I pray you have much success and that many more people are able to enjoy time with those they love! 

"Best Birthday Ever" — 9/4/2021 Couples Bucket List Birthday Retreat @ Van De Graff


We really enjoyed our glamping experience! I’ve seen glamping on social media for years and always wished I could go. When I saw Tuscaloosaglampingco on Instagram, I was thrilled. Finally! I would have my chance to go glamping! 

That very evening, I showed your IG page to my boyfriend and asked if we could go. He said “yes” right away!

Making the reservation was a breeze. When ordering our balloons I wanted his favorite colors incorporated in the arch, and again, super easy to do. 


The evening was perfect. The weather was great but we had fans and air conditioning so we were quite comfortable in the tent. We enjoyed playing the games that were provided. And my boyfriend apparently plays Jenga like a chess master, I didn’t stand a chance. Lol.  At your suggestion, we did bring a small speaker and sat by the fire, listening to music. We even danced under the moonlight. Thank you so much for the s’mores, they were delicious! 

We really enjoyed our breakfast from Broken Egg Cafe and appreciate you personally delivering breakfast to our campsite. We went on a short hike around the park, crossing the bridge and stream. So peaceful and beautiful. Such a neat place to explore!

That night, sitting at the picnic table by the light of the fire, my boyfriend asked, “Are you happy?”

I said, “Very much, thank you for this.”

And he said, “Happy birthday, my love."

And it was the best birthday ever. 

Thank you so much for your hard work putting it together and your creativity because it was adorable! 

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